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Interested in Extended version of our course?
Why is enrollment closed? 
One of the main advantages of this course is support we provide to our students. And in order to insure excellent support sometimes we have to limit number of students we can enroll.
I am interested! What can I do to enroll into Extended version of the course?
You can make a $50 reservation and be one of the first to enroll as soon as we open enrollment.
How long do I have to wait before I can access all the lessons?
If you make reservation today, you should be able to enroll within 14-21 days.
What will happen to my $50 reservation fee?
Your reservation fee will be applied toward payment you will make at the time of enrollment.
If I change my mind before the enrollment, can I get a refund of my reservation fee?
Absolutely! If you can't enroll, next student on the list will take your place and we will issue a refund of your reservation fee.