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This is a great course filled with lots of info and exercises. My favorite part was working out possible scenarios for my client wanting to go home or being ready in two hours or ready to go and I had to calculate distance to pickup location, weight, time to drop off, pay, and mileage breakdown. […]

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This is the best online course that you can find in the web. Short but informative lessons. A lot of downloadable content. Price is 100% fair. Instructor is always glad to answer any questions.  5/5 Andrii Matierov Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

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Reviews 8

As an individual with no trucking background, I decided to take the extended training course to get an in-depth information to start my own dispatch business. The information was clear and concise, and very well explained. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting this type of business. As the saying

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Reviews 7

I must say with all honesty and sincerity. I absolutely love and appreciate this well put together course. I searched thoroughly for dispatch courses that were creditable and also affordable. Some were extremely expensive and others were way too inexpensive, which is a red flag for me personally because I’m a strong believer in “you

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Reviews 6

LearnDispatch in my opinion is a very amazing informational course! You can gain a lot of knowledge on your road to dispatching! I recommend them to any and everybody that is interested in dispatching and starting their own business. Go after your goals and let LearnDispatch assist you in achieving them!!!! Excellent service!!!!! Thanks again

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Reviews 5

Best website if you are looking to learn about Truck Dispatcher and more. They way they explained everything in the course is amazing. I recommend to buy the EXTENDED package because you literally have someone explaining everything after every lesson. They provide you with a lot of resources and tips. If you are new to

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The information presented in this learn dispatch course is both relevant and pertinent to the trucking industry today. Very up to date, easy to follow and understand. I personally have 38 years over the road experience as a company driver and owner operator that is transitioning to logistics and office support for drivers and owners

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Reviews 3

I am very satisfied with the LD Course attended. What I acquired from the training package was more than what I expected. I enjoyed everything about the training, particularly the “Bonus videos” on resolving the possible real life situations truck dispatcher could meet with. The lessons were so informative and instructive, available at any time

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I think the training was outstanding! It was in depth, precise and to the point. Without this training, I believe it would have taken quite some time to understand it all. I loved how the lesson was issued and a follow up was done that went more in detailed. I thought it was very professional

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This course was very simple to follow, my husband is a truck driver and I wanted to be his dispatcher, although I had no experience in the area this training helped me gain knowledge and confidence I needed to start working with him. We also have a 6month old and it was east to complete

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