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Partnership Opportunities For New Dispatch Companies

LearnDispatch Partnership

Have you completed our course?
Have you lined up your first potential client?
Not sure where to start or maybe just lacking a little bit of confidence?

Our Partnership Program was designed for people like you!

If you are new to the industry, you may have certain reservations when it comes to signing up and managing your first client. Or you may not be properly equipped when it comes to billing and collecting your dispatch fees. If this is the case our Support Team can help you navigate the signup of your client and setup of billing procedure. As part of this partnership we will also provide you with guidance, should you have any questions related to logistics or dispatch of your client.

Here are Key Advantages:

We can review documents you need to sign with your client
We can discuss how you should bill your client
Problems with a load you’ve booked for your client. Let us know
Confidence in dealing with your first client knowing you have the support of an experienced dispatch team

You can decide how quickly you need our assistance!

Standard – This option is free. Your message will be forwarded to Alfa X Dispatch team member. Someone will be in touch with you within two business days. Alfa X team member will contact you via email only.

Expedited – This option will cost you $95. Your message will be forwarded to Alfa X Dispatch manager. During business hours manager should respond to you in less than two hours. Alfa X Manager will contact you via phone, text message or email.

Requirements of our Partnership Program

In order to participate in our Partnership Program for new dispatchers, you have to meet and agree to following requirements:

  Complete our Interactive Dispatch Training Course
  Have an initial verbal agreement with your client
  Have your client’s information, including MC #
  Be available via phone or email during business hours

(!) Please note: Our parent company Alfa X Logistics reserves the right not to participate in any of the offered partnerships if they do not have ability to provide dedicated support due to current work overload. Please check with us first!

Your dispatch partner is here to help