I got everything I expected. It was a remarkable experience taking your LearnDipatch online course. I will highly recommend LearnDispatch online course to anyone who is thinking of working as a dispatcher or becoming an independent dispatcher. I was extremely anxious, not knowing how the course would impart me. I searched online trying to find answers on how to become an independent dispatcher but I was not comfortable with most of the online courses I saw. When I came across LearnDispatch, I knew right away that was what I was looking for. Well, I registered right away. I can tell you this much, I have no regrets. The in-depth training was well structured and straightforward. Anyone who is serious, will pass the course successfully. My honest worry before taking the course was how to deal with the paperwork, how to resolve disputes between Carriers and Broker, e.g. detention pay, layover, problems / resolutions and more. These were all covered in the course and I am sincerely thankful to Mr. Roman Shmundyak for doing an AWESOME job explaining the topics. I would definitely like to thank him in person when I officially start my Independent Dispatch Services business.