Waltmans Logistics

The course was well designed in several ways. The objectives were were well written and reasoned. For example, the introductory slide covered the theoretical information sufficiently. However, it was the practical approaches offered by the Subject Matter Expert who explained real life scenarios which made the training significantly effective. Additionally, I liked the downloadable documents which allowed learners to review how these documents are designed while explaining the different parts of the documents. Furthermore, the practical exercises, to include the transcripts, and excel file to calculate mileage and rate went above and beyond my expectations. I cannot forget the reach-back opportunity that you site offers, which can be used to refresh gaps in misunderstanding.

Many praises for offering bonus video sessions from youtube and visual and practical insight delineating advantages and disadvantages of using the database aggregator for finding targeted clients.

Lastly, this training proved even more helpful by discussing different measures that one could use to solicit or attract new clients. For example, the ringless voicemail, email, using fivver, and creating a website were two means for improving ones chances of soliciting clients, to name only a few.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this training to those thinking of choosing freight forwarding as a new career.